Dr. John Burpee
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Empowering Expectation

John Burpee Ministries

JBM Brings to your Church

John Burpee is one of the few ministers we invite back to speak at our church and to our network of churches. His ministry is marked by supernatural signs and wonders and we have witnessed multiple people healed from chronic pain to deafness, paralysis, and other major health problems. His unique style of ministry reaches into lives and touches them where they need it most. We have never been disappointed. His life is marked by integrity, honor, and character. I whole- heartedly recommend him to any congregation and/or ministerial network.

Apostle, Church Planter, Marketplace Minister & Missionary Ordained with the Assemblies of God

Miracles signs wonders Moving comfortably in the supernatural, without flash or hype, John Burpee confidently connects to God's power - power that is available to every believer - and moves in miracles, signs, and wonders. He travels extensively and the fruit of his ministry is evident in testimonies of salvation, healing, and being filled with the Holy Spirit. John not only declares God's Word, he demonstrates it. He is a true believer in the manifest presence of God.

Dr. John G.L. Burpee